Newsletter vol. II – keep up with LEAF!

We are happy to be sharing more news with you through the second official newsletter of the LEAF project! Most importantly, in the past period we created a Syllabus of a Handbook for teachers that will contain the following key topics: parks, forests and city gardens, protected natural areas, water plant biodiversity, boosting digital skills of teachers for a better communication and collaboration, cooperation with local community and climate change and urban biodiversity.

A total of 67 experts from partner countries thoroughly checked and evaluated the Syllabus and gave their professional feedback. Over 80% of experts assessed the Syllabus as a good starting point for handbook development.

In the coming period, we will deal with the creation of the content of the handbook, which we will present this autumn through the Train the trainers session and release it live after the final revision.

We are happy to see how our schools and students use WE-LAB kits, and if you want to see them too, check out our newsletter!

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