Meeting and train the trainer activity in Romania

In November od 2023 the consortium met up in beautiful Suceava, Romania for our third translantional project meeting.

We went over all the activities implemented during the first year and the ones that are ahead for the second year, as well as the draft version of the Handbook, agreeing on the final form. 

More on the TPMs, and what we use them for, you can see HERE.

During our stay in Romania, we also organised the train the trainers activity. The activity involved each partner’s expert who trained the other participants during the workshops that had the following topics: Climate change and urban biodiversity (Module developed by ENERGIES2050), Protected natural areas (Module developed by PLATON), Urban parks and forests (Module developed by MENC), Water biodiversity (Module developed by LINKGroup), Boosting digital skills of teachers (Module developed by Dlearn), Cooperation with local community (Module developed by PASBS). 

More on this is available HERE.

In the upcoming year we plan to continue working on the project results and raise awarenes on the importance of preserving local biodiversity!